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12" Personalized Natural Finish

12" Personalized Natural Finish


Often ordered as a wedding, anniversary, or retirement gift personalized wish bowls are a unique and heartfelt gift for any special occasion.
Personalization is printed on the base of the bowl and can be as simple as the couples names, date of wedding, and short message- EX "Love and Happiness or Best wishes for a lifetime of Love together" or the givers names ex "Love John & Mary Smith". If you are unsure if the personalization may be too long - email me with your ideas.
The large 12" natural finish bowl holds a word spiral of hopes, dreams and intentions. The wish word spiral  begins with a heart symbol at the bowls center.  At the spiral's end... near the top rim of the bowl - is written: "your bowl of wishes...for love... for life...".©
Personalization included in price.

12" Natural finish are examples are pictured- each bowl wood grain is unique.

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